Elect Heather Nicholas for Islands Trust

Gabriola, Mudge, DeCourcy and surrounding islands


What is the Islands Trust?

The Islands Trust is “a unique federation of local governments serving islands in the Salish Sea… responsible for preserving and protecting the islands’ unique amenities and environment.” The Islands Trust area is home to 13 major islands, some 450 minor islands, and more than 25,000 full time residents.

Heather Nicholas knows and cares about the history and mandate of the Islands Trust in a way that promises true commitment to our island environment and community. With lively engagement and a spirit of collaboration, Heather will enable and encourage the kinds of discussions we need to have about our social, environmental, and political issues.
– Susan Yates, environmental and social activist

Community. Environment. Economy.

The mandate of the Trust reflects a deep commitment to stewardship and to the well-being of coastal communities. If elected as a Trustee my primary objectives would be:

  • To listen closely to the concerns of islanders; to balance and reconcile frequently diverse points of view; and to formulate and support positions that accurately reflect the best interests of the Local Trust Area.
  • To advocate vigorously and articulately for islanders facing pressing issues such as ferry service reductions and escalating fares, and oil tankers in our waters.
  • To develop and support policies and programs which foster a healthy, sustainable environment, vibrant, flourishing communities, and strong local economies.

I find Heather Nicholas to be hardworking, enthusiastic, accessible and friendly. I admired her work on the “Faces of the Cuts” ferry campaign, and expect her experience with New Society Publishers would inform both communications and alternative development models she could bring to the Local Trust Committee. I’m glad she’s willing to serve the Gabriola Local Trust area as a trustee.
– Sheila Malcolmson, Gabriola Island Trustee 2002-2014

A Strong Voice for Islanders

In the more than 14 years I have lived and raised my family here, I have acquired a deep understanding of the many issues affecting our community. It has been my good fortune to forge strong connections with islanders from every walk of life, allowing me to become intimately familiar with the unique challenges faced by our local farmers, artists, craftspeople and other businesses. I have taken on a strong advocacy role, most recently striving to maintain reasonable, affordable ferry service to coastal communities threatened by BC Ferries’ cuts.

Heather’s contributions to the fight against skyrocketing ferry fares and service cuts over the past year have been invaluable…She’s calm, thoughtful, clear-headed and FIERCE when the need arises, and man, oh man, can she think on her feet! Heather has that rare ability to articulate passionate argument with reason and logic while keeping her facts straight.
– Kathy Ramsey, ArtsBC Director, Gabriola Arts Council Past President, and Proprietor, Gabriola Artworks

As those who know me will attest, I believe in solving problems by approaching them with honesty and integrity, and applying a generous dose of common sense. I am a good listener and a clear and effective communicator, and if elected, I am committed to using my skills to represent the best interests of our community and uphold the mandate of the Islands Trust. Should you choose to vote for me, you will be voting for a candidate who is dedicated to informed decision-making and considered action, and who understands that community matters.

Vote Heather Nicholas for Islands Trust on November 15, 2014